Commercial / residential / tourism building properties "Panos" and "Zagori", Novi Vinodolski, Adriatic coast, Croatia

Building properties "Panos" and "Zagori" are located 1.7 km north-west from the center and the old town of Novi Vinodolski, 42 km south-east of Rijeka.
1. Property "Panos" is just above five-star "Resort Novi" and mostly summer homes residential area.
There are 2 lots of total 15.236 m2. One lot is some 250 m and the other is 350 m from the sea. The first lot has rectangular shape, 77m X 100m, and has an area of 7.736 m2. It borders with the coastal road by it's shorter side. The other lot is square, 77m X 77m, plus 15m X 100m extension down to the coastal road. Total area of the second lot is 7.500 m2.
Both lots are on a very slight sunny slope and offer magnificent views over the sea, island Krk and mountain Velebit chain.

The area is designated for commercial and residential development.
Commercial projects fall within following categories: hotels, motels, restaurants, retail, petrol stations, offices,....

They estimated the value of the land is 120-140 EURO per sq.m.

2. Property "Zagori" is located within newly approved extension of the commercial touristic development zone.

New Regional Development Plan for Primorsko - Gorski Kotar County is in the process of adoption. This Plan proposes number of capital projects for the area of the Novi Vinodolski town. Projects include new fresh-water plant, golf course, wind- power plant, sun-power plant as well as extension of the commercial touristic zone by additional 10 ha. The extension is water-front area directly west of five-star “Resort Novi” and borders with the Resort.

The lot has rectangular shape, 56m X 152m, and has an area of 8.512 m2. It borders with the coastal road by it's shorter north side and goes down towards the sea on a very slight slope.

Having in mind that
-on July 1st, 2013 Croatia joined European Union and
-two new tourist harbours - "Marina Novi Vinodolski" and "Marina Mitan" are in full operation


this is an excellent investment opportunity. 





"Resort Novi" can be seen at the lower part of the photo.

Above the resort is residential area.

The property "Panos" is within green area, center-left on the photo.





The property "Zagori" is west of "Resort Novi", at the upper left corner of the photo.

Plan of the tourist harbour - "Marina Novi Vinodolski" which is in full operation.